Friday, May 18, 2012

Derek Washington For Nevada National Delegate

Please state why you are seeking to run for this office: From the time I arrived in Nevada until today, this state and the Democratic Party have been very good to me. Now, it’s time for me to pay back the state and Democratic Party for saving my life and giving me purpose again. Like many people who call this state home, I am not a native. My parents came here in the early eighties and always told me I should make a good life here. I thought Nevada was too slow compared to Los Angeles and thought I was better than the “locals” I saw being advertised to on television. Only later did I find out that those “locals” were damn good folks who actually had a strong sense of community and friendship. I arrived here a wreck, to be perfectly honest. I had just been diagnosed with full blown AIDS and a T-Cell count of 54. The amazing Nevadans who work in healthcare gave my mother and me incredible support as we navigated the endless paperwork and lines that being sick entail. I begged God every night to ”please let me die in my sleep”, as I felt that I was a burden to my poor mom. The pain and helplessness just seemed too much to bear. When I was stricken with shingles (a pain I wouldn’t put on my worst enemy) I hoped that my time on this mortal coil had come to an end. Nevadans, like the folks at AFAN and the Wellness Center, saved my life and got my mom through what had to be a horrible time for her. I’ll never forget waking up in the hospital in the early morning to see a single tear drop dried on mom’s face. She never cried in front of me. That broke my heart. I made myself a promise I would change my life and give back to everyone who helped us and I would make my mom proud of me. I started watching MSNBC and became a huge Hillary Clinton fan. On the day of the caucus I left home on my own for the first time to go vote for her. Long story short, I ended up an alternate delegate for her. Of course, I had no money after having been lying weak on my mom’s couch for almost a year. I did have a desire to support my ideal Democrat. I started an email and online campaign to get to Denver. My campaign attracted the attention of journalist Steve Friess and before I knew it, I was in Denver in political Geek heaven! While in Denver I saw the hope on the faces of the Obama supporters. From little children to the homeless, when people spoke of him, they glowed. After Hillary released her delegates, I made it my mission to do all I could to elect Barack Obama. I owed that to my country, my party and my new state, Nevada. I knew that if he didn’t win, we Democrats would lose so many people who would never again participate in the great American tradition, no, right, of voting. I have worked tirelessly since then to make sure that the President has the support of the LGBT and Progressive communities. I have worked hard to make sure that Senator Reid was reelected. I beamed with pride as I stood alongside my fellow Stonewall board members next to him, at his request, on the stage the day after he beat the right wing in 2010 to serve another term as Senate Majority Leader of the United States. I heartily promise you that I look forward to living up to Nevada’s “Battle Born” reputation as we go into battle to keep Nevada Blue and reelect Barack Obama for four more years to continue being the best President America has ever had. I also promise you I will live up to the “Battle Born” motto as a Nevada National delegate and fight harder than anyone to preserve Nevada’s place as one of the most important states in the Democratic Party. I am Derek Washington. I am not just a Democrat. I am a Battle Born Democrat! Please state any experience that you would like to share that prepares you for this position (please feel free to attach a bio): President Nevada State Stonewall Democratic Caucus Chairman Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada Former LGBT Outreach Director Clark County Democratic Black Caucus Director of Diversity Outreach National Equality March Led the drive which resulted in the reopening of Huntridge Park Activist of the Year “Desert Companion” Magazine Grassroots Activist of the Year Henderson Democratic Club Top Nevada Political Influencers “Politics and Campaigns” Magazine Led the coalition that led to Senator John Ensign signing for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” “It Gets Better” Co-produced annual anti-bullying rallies with Culinary 226 Stopped local financial support of the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda Supported the formation of Stonewall / Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada Youth Scholarship “Factor 54” Co-produced event celebrating the role of women voters and political candidates Senator David Parks Library at Gay and Lesbian Center of Las Vegas Nationally recognized leader on LGBT, Human Rights and HIV issues Aid for AIDS of Nevada Diversity Outreach and Social Media Consultant QVegas Top People with Pride (two years) Top Ten LGBT Community Members “The Light Group” Frequent Guest on shows such as “Face to Face with John Ralston”, “The Agenda”, KNPR “State of Nevada” and others advocating on behalf of the Democratic Party and its values Co-Producer of the upcoming “Day in The Park” as part of the DowntownLV Project Contributor to several local magazines as a lifestyle writer Other Biographical information upon request Please check out my Youtube channel for more info Derek Is a Democrat Follow me on Twitter @iamderekw Facebook Derek TheVegasStyleGuy Washington Nomination Form for the NSDP 2012 Elections This form will be reproduced and distributed to all State Convention Delegates Name: Derek L. Washington Address: 604 Truluck Lane Las Vegas Nevada 89106 County: Clark Congressional District: CD1 E-mail address: Gender (circle one): Male Employment: Self employed as a consultant Position seeking: National delegate Clark At-large Executive Board Member: __________ Washoe At-large Executive Board Member: ___________ Rural At-large Executive Board Member:_________ National Committeewoman: ___________ National Committeeman: __________ I affirm that as of this date that I submit this form, that I am an active registered Democrat in the State of Nevada X Derek L. Washington Please e-mail this form to or mail or fax to “Nominations” at the Nevada State Democratic Party: Fax: 702-735-2700 Nevada State Democratic Party Attn: Nominations 1210 S. Valley View Blvd. Ste. 114 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello Fellow Club & Caucus Chair,

I’d like to ask for your help in moving our Clark County Democratic Party forward to long term success and financial stability by electing Chris Miller as our next Chairman.

Chris is a lifelong Democrat, but more importantly, he has fresh ideas, along with the skills and desire to take our party forward. From using New and Social Media to better connect to Youth to recognizing that we have lots of Seniors who deserve to be heard and supported, Chris understands where our party is and what it can be. Chris will use his over 25 years as a Corporate Manager to lead his board in a cohesive manner to achieve the goals we all know must be met.

Chris is currently the President of the Nevada State Stonewall Caucus and Treasurer of Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada. In addition, Chris is the only candidate for this position who has consistently attended club and caucus meetings and joined the groups over the past three years, not just once he decided to step up and run for Chair. Countless times I have heard, “you are everywhere!” when Chris walks into a Democratic club meeting or event.

In the past two months alone, Chris has been invited to The White House several times because of his Democratic Party activism. His skills at organizing and seeing projects through from beginning to end have come in handy on projects such as his work on the Clark County Platform Committee.

I know and have worked with both candidates for Chair.

One candidate is open to new ideas. One candidate doesn’t look at difficulties as a time to “shut down”. One candidate keeps looking forward towards a solution when the going gets rough. One candidate has a long term vision for our Party. One candidate has the ability to listen to, learn from and lead a diverse group of dedicated Democrats.

That candidate is Chris Miller.

Can I count on you to support him and let your club and caucus members know that Chris Miller is the best person running for the full time job of Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party?

Derek Washington
Chairman Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada

Want more info from Chris Miller? Email: